Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Ribs. They're there. I felt them today. Granted I had to push really hard, but heck, they are there at least. Gives me hope that one day they may show a little or be felt easily. He gets his feet done next week, hurrah!! He needs them done bad, he flares really easily and right now he has a massive flare.
I was picking out his hooves yesterday before our ride and there was a freakin DEAD MOUSE embedded in some mud in them. Seriously? Disgusting. How the hell does that happen?
We have been riding a lot, I made him hop over a few logs and crossrails yesterday, fatty was not happy. He was so sweaty after his ride, he hasn't worked that hard in ages. We also have been doing tons of lunge work. Stupid animal had practically forgotten how to lunge. Or he was being a prick. Or both.
He has almost completely shedded out!! I am debating pulling his mane or not...Its really long and kinda ratty and he gets tons of stuff stuck in it.
I am working on a wicked farmers tan with all of this riding in the sunniest hours of the day.

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  1. Yay Howie!!!

    Only a big old draft hoof could hide dead animals. Blech.