Saturday, August 1, 2009

Howie the asshole

Pardon my french in advance, I am a little ticked off at the moment.

Howie and I had a bad day on Thursday. It was our first serious ride since his stone bruise and it had been raining like crazy the days prior so he was full of piss and vinegar and possibly more piss. The arena area is up by the road and that has never cause problems before, bikers, motorcyclists, runners and cars all pass quite often and he has never been fazed by it. Well, never as in before Thursday. Any time someone would pass he freaked out, tried to bolt, buck, rear or any other poor horsey behavior. I stayed on for every single one, but the last time he threw me majorly off balance and I smacked my face into his neck. I did a very sloppy emergency dismount and fell down in the process, freaking him out more. I am a walking bruise right now. Everything is pain. But I am pissed off more than anything. Howie has never been such a fucktard before. We had quite the discussion afterwards, and on Friday he was a very good boy, but I am still at a loss as to why he was such a douchebag. And I can't ride him hard for a while because I am so sore and anything faster than a walk makes me want to die.

Injury count:
Imprint of teeth in lower lip, along with Bubba style swelling
Massive bruise on wrist, thigh, back, boob, knee
Jammed finger
Torn something in shoulder
Big headache

So I guess lunging it is for the next week or so. God dammit.