Thursday, June 18, 2009


Things are going pretty smoothly, nothing crazy exciting to report. I keep getting the feeling like he really isn't improving much and then I look at pictures from several months ago and take it back. He looks so much better in comparison. He is working hard, summer=boredom so I have been riding and lunging him a whole lot more than usual. I can only do so much on his back as we have had thunderstorms EVERY DAY for the past month or so and the ground is slick, so no jumping and higher speed work at the moment. Just walk, trot and a bit of canter. He is sweating more and holds up for longer workouts. We have done a little bit of hill work too and some trot poles. Trot poles and Howie are not the best combo, he is not very good at them but it is improving.
And for your enjoyment I have some videos of the fat man moving, shows off his lovely lumbering trot and whatnot. Haha.
I have no idea how to post them in blogger, so I will just link them

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