Monday, June 22, 2009

Howie the jumper

Finally, pics from our freejumping adventures. Silly fatty really enjoys it, and I took the camera out today. He hangs his knees like none other, but I am also using a really small jump (I am currently building some nice standards, but just use little logs or buckets right now lol) so he could be sloppy cause of that. He is still losing poundage, but getting hay now. The grass in the pasture isn't as lush and nice because its hot as balls and the rain has stopped coming so frequently. But fatty only gets a little bit of hay, so its ok I guess. He got his feet trimmed on Wednesday and for the first time in like forever he had no flare!! He also got a new bridle (gift from a secret santa thing on the Free Speech Horse Forum) which fits him wonderfully.
And now for pics :]

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