Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bah, I need to update

The saddle, its AHMAZEINGGG
Like seriously, the improvement I have noticed already with it is just stellar. Howie moves much more freely and is more willing to go forward. He was starting to get into hard workouts but then stupid thing got a stone bruise. Before that happened though, we had a great routine going. I rode him every day of the week and had easy days tuesday, thursday, sunday, and hard days every other day.
Easy days go as so- Walking up and down the driveway a couple times until sufficiently warmed up, trotting 20 m circles and working on bending and engaging with the hind. Some poles at the trot.

Hard days start with walk and trot up and down the driveway, then trot work over poles and then canter work over poles. Then we go into the pasture and do wind sprints up and down a line. We then go in the ditch which makes him lift his legs more than usual, we go up and down the ditch and splash around in the water for a bit and then go into the lower part of the pasture and canter circles then cool down.

Here are some pics of the new saddle


  1. have your ever tried lunging him? that would be good for days you don't have time to ride- i know i have days like that!

  2. I heard Howie was a pill. Hope he doesn't make a habit out of it. YUKU, sucks. But I hope it ups the traffic here