Saturday, May 30, 2009

Riding woes

Now that school is out I have had more time to ride him, and he has been somewhat of an asshole. Really figety, jumpy, and not listening to my leg at all. I hate using my hands on him because he has a chunk out of his tongue from a previous rider, but when he doesnt listen to my leg except for when I ask him to go faster, I have no choice. Yesterday's ride went a little better, I introduced the dressage whip which made him raise his head a little bit (he likes to hold it like a WP horse sometimes) and that was a little better, but still. Stupid prick needs to listen to my leg. We'll work through it I'm sure, but right now its frustrating as all hell.

Here are pics from riding on Thursday. My position needs work, but Howie looks muscly and nice!

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